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When highest performance levels and huge storage capacity are key requirements, Fibrenetix E2 12-bay is the perfect choice. 

Up to 36TB of storage in a single 12-bay 2U chassis.

Now Supports 3TB SATA II Hard Drives

Products:  FIBRE to SATA RAID:  E2-1252-F241-A1 


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Utilizing 4 Gbit Fibre Channel technology, Fibrenetix E2 12-bay storage system combines superior performance, build quality and reliability to handle the most computer-intensive workloads with ease.

E2-1252 delivers outstanding data throughput rates of  up to 566 MB/sec.  A great fit for both transaction-oriented and bandwidth-intensive applications such as Video Editing and Content Delivery; Medical Imaging; Computer Aided Design (CAD), or any environment where the highest levels of performance are required.

The E2-1252 is based on Fibrenetix award winning high quality E-series enclosure, offering ultimate cooling for high performance disk drives via 4x Turbo Fans, climate controlled by a state of the art environmental control unit which interrogates the disk drives internal temperatures and adjusts the fan speed and cooling efficiency accordingly.  Ensuring not only precise cooling but also maximum system lifespan and enhanced reliability.

The dual hot-swap 370watt PSU's offer more than enough power to support up to 12x 3Terabyte SATA-II hard drives.
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