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PIXi Scalability

No two projects are ever the same in content creation. One day you need a few terabytes of storage and the next you need 32 terabytes. Fibrenetix PIXi RAID can grow to meet your project requirements. As you need more storage you simply add a PIXi JBOD.

PIXi RAID doesn’t require additional expander cards, software drivers or other expensive items to work. Simply connect a 12-bay or 16-bay PIXi JBOD to your PIXi RAID system via the easy plug �n’ play connector and off you go.

Up to four PIXi JBOD’s can be daisy chained, offering up to 64 terabytes of data storage with 1TB drives and a massive 96 terabytes with 1.5TB HDDs. All fully RAID protected.


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