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PIXi Performance

Whether you’re creating content in HD or 2K, Fibrenetix PIXi RAID storage systems offer unbeatable performance and reliability. With speeds of up to and over 1400 MB/s from a single PIXi system with full RAID-5 data protection, gone are the days where the choice was to either run RAID-5 and drop frames, or risk data loss by running RAID-0. PIXi RAID is one of the few storage systems that can run RAID-5 and is still powerful enough to handle multiple streams of uncompressed HD.

PIXI can be configured to meet your output demands, whether you want the fastest speed, or the highest level of data safety. If constant performance is required you can even configure PIXi to use only 85% of the storage capacity, which gives you a linear performance, with no speed drops as the system fills up.

Test was performed with a 16-bay PIXi RAID, using 16x Seagate SAS Hard drives, with 1GB size files. Performance will drop to 814MB/s Writes and 1046MB/s READ when using 4GB or larger file size.
Making PIXi one of the fastest RAID storage systems in the Industry.


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