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PIXi 4e

PIXi4E 4-bay Desktop RAID system
eSATA/USB host connection to SATA-II drives
Up to 8TB capacity
Ideal solution for AJA IO HD & MacBook Pro

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PIXi 4e
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PIXi 4e

Fibrenetix PIXi 4-bay is an ideal desktop storage solution for any professional creating content on a MAC or PC based Laptop. Offering a huge 8 Terabytes of RAID protect storage with unparalled performance, this compact desktop storage unit is the IDEAL partner for AJA's IO HD video solution.

With full RAID-5 support and hot-swap hard drives, Fibrenetix PIXi4E is perfect as a cost effective back up solution, or additional storage for small office servers and home offices.

The PIXi4E connects to a laptop via high speed eSATA or USB, with eSATA offering the best performance and USB being ideal when the PIXi is used as a back up device.
Dependant on application and data type, the PIXi4E can provide more than 180MB/s sustained transfer rates, which is more than enough for compressed HD or SD video streaming.

Configuration couldn't be easier, simply push a couple of buttons on the LCD panel and then Plug n'Store - or advanced users can easily manage their Terabytes of storage via a normal Ethernet cable and Internet browser.

Check out some of the key features:

  • RAID 5, keeps your data safe if a drive fails 
  • Up to 8 Terabytes of data storage for back up or video content
  • Superior performance for the creative professional 
  • 4 hot-swappable disks, easy to replace, with no data loss
  • Smallest form-factor in the industry, fits any creative workspace
  • Easy to use - Plug n' Store technology
  • 3 year warranty, to back up the quality


  • PIXi 4bay Front view 4bay PIXi with Hot swap HDDs
    PIXi 4bay rear view
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