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E4 16-Bay; Dual 4Gbit Fibre to SAS and SATA-II drives; Flexibility to use SAS & SATA-II drives simultaneously in a single enclosure; New High Performance Intel Xscale Processor; Up to 32 Terabye storage capacity.

Products:  FIBRE to SAS/SATA RAID:  E4-1662-F241-A1 





Fibrenetix E4 16-bay RAID system combines dual 4Gbit host connection, with high performance SAS and SATA-II drives.  With the flexibility to combine SAS and SATA-II drives in a single enclosure, plus an optional multi-lane SAS connector for expandability, the E4 takes performance,reliability and scalability to a new high.  Users can expand the storage capacity by adding additional 16-bay JBOD systems to a single E4 master box offering up to 224 TeraByte of storage in a fully loaded system.

The powerful E4 RAID engine utilitizes the new Intel Xscale IOP341 processor providing true hardware acceleration, with improved performance in RAID 5 and 6.  In addition, E4 comes with  a huge 2GB of cache as standard, offering exceptional performance in Data Streaming and also increases the cache hits in Random environments.

E4 supports MAID, making it one of the few products on the market that takes a stand against harmful greenhouse gases/CO2 emissions.  In a RAID system, peak power consumption occurs when the drives are spinning - yet most RAID systems are only used from 09.00 to 17.00, 5 days a week and remain idle for the rest of the time.  However, the E4 system detects any idle time and simply spins down the drives so they don't consume electricity until they are in use again.  This process is totally automatic and occurs without any loss of connection between the Server and the E4 system. The E4 RAID controller also continues to respond in a completely normal way.

Fibrenetix E-series intelligent cooling system also adapts to the environment.  If there is a limited need for cooling, the fans automatically run with a lower speed and thereby reducing power consumption.

Fibrenetix E4 is a formidable system.

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